BEAUTY LEVELS UP: #DoItBetterWithKiehls

I’ve always been particular about skincare. If you follow my blog, you’d know that I have this seemingly-endless battle with oily, acne-prone skin – the reason why I try a lot of derma procedures and products in the market. Most of these stuff promise effective results in just a few days of use, others simply […]

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Why Morning Kisses are the Best

We know that kissing is one of the easiest and sweetest ways to express affection and that is why we love seeing people kissing each other whether they are our parents, grannies, friends or even us with our special someone. Do you know that there are actual Kiss Scientists who study kissing? They are called […]

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Get your Ultimate Comfort Food Fix at Flambé

They say you never say no to good food. I agree. Food is a staple need and yes, while I seem to be quite strict with my diet, I always allot a few days for cheats especially when I’m in the mood for some pig-out-after-workout sesh. Recently, I’ve discovered this relatively new restaurant that specializes […]

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