She stays and she cries and she laughs like one crazy bass   She told herself before she’ll not settle with anything half ass And here she is mourning and weeping Keeping sanity on the loop   Getting anxious and weary and tired every single minute   And every time you ask her why, it […]

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Conquering Heat Hives with Claritin

So I thought I’m an allergy-free human being living without fear of experiencing abnormal body responses to any kind of food, plant, insect or event dust. Well, not until last April when Manila weather almost reached its boiling point with a soaring 37deg heat. During that time, I had patches of red rashes all around […]

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70 Years of Skin Love — Thank you Cetaphil!

I grew up using Cetaphil almost everyday (thanks to my super sensitive skin). I remember when I was young and pimply, my mom will always tell me to use Cetaphil instead of experimenting on harsh chemical-based products and so hoola, I’ve become a certified Cetaphil Baby since then. A few weeks ago, I got an invite to […]

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