UPTOWN | DOWNTOWN: Ready for the New Unarosa Wave?

The thought of shopping for new clothes always thrills me! I mean, who doesn’t like fitting actual pieces, mixing and matching prints and plotting out OOTD schedules? NO ONE. That’s why fashion store openings are always close to my heart ‘cause they always UNLEASH that stylist in me.

Last week, I was invited as guest to UNAROSA’s 8th store grand opening. Located at CO/OP Mabini St, San Juan, Manila, the new store is an ultimate shopping haven filled with unique and colorful pieces that suit all style and fashion needs. Looking at the store interiors, I must say that I am pretty impressed. I love how it’s beautifully designed, bold and clean with a touch of femininity and a unique industrial feel. It has just enough space for people to shop and walk in between racks of gorgeous wardrobe pieces.




#PROUDLOCAL. Did you know that Unarosa is a local brand? For over eight years, Unarosa has dedicated itself to delivering global style to the Philippine market. The brand has aligned itself with the biggest players in the retail industry because of its capacity to adapt to the fast-paced world of fashion.

Honestly, I wasn’t surprised when I learned that Unarosa is a homegrown brand because I’m a firm believer of Filipino talents but what caught me the most was the fact that Unarosa is just a small team BUT with a huge FASHION VISION. I’ve been to several Unarosa branches prior this event and I can say that their collections are wide and their styles are outstandingly remarkable. Their chic dresses and maxi skirts just don’t go off season!


UPTOWN | DOWNTOWN. The opening also marked the release of Unarosa’s newest collection of clothes – the Uptown | Downtown 2016 collection. I feel like it’s a breath of fresh air seeing fusions of edgy and vintage pieces that are definitely high in aesthetics. It’s evident that Unarosa has been adapting to changes and part of it was this BIG collection reveal. They got loads of new designs, with varieties from dainty dresses, corporate chic tops, casual wears to lacy accents and street style clothes. Every piece is wearable whether you’re meeting with a client uptown or partying at a rooftop bar downtown, you’ll surely never run out of clothes to wear (especially when layering is your forte!)



Let me walk you through some of the latest Unarosa pieces as shown in their collection lookbook.





Now here’s a short Unarosa BTS vid to keep your spirits high!

I have to admit I had a hard time working within my budget (GCs) so I was OBLIGED to splurge (sorry mom, can’t resist!) but certainly, I have NO REGRETS. Stay tuned for several outfit posts because I’ll be doing another series of collaboration shoots, this time wearing Unarosa bomber jackets!


Shop Unarosa’s latest collection now! Check out their list of branches here:

Shangri-La Plaza Mall

The Block – SM North Edsa

SM Fairview

Shoppesville-Greenhills Shopping Center

SM BF Paranaque

Alabang Town Cente

CO/OP Manila

Marquee Mall, Pampanga.

For more information, visit their website and social media handles:




Note: Some photos were taken from Unarosa’s Facebook page

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  1. I saw all the clothes from Unarosa and wow they are all beautiful. It’s so tempting to buy many pieces and it’s also hard to choose from a wide array of collection kasi lahat maganda and it’s like I want to buy them all. Haha. ?

  2. I am almost 100% sure that is along Mabini. It is Co/op? I have been there once for a meeting and found the place really nice. So now the restaurant is gone or they extended?

    P.S. Classy is the word that comes to mind seeing photos of their collection.

  3. I am not really a fashionista.. I wish I could become one but my taste of clothing is really horrible and so old fashion haha the collection above are truly amazing though.. I love the second photo the most, the one with the shades of red

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