Hi I’m Shai and here are 12 random stuff about me (please don’t get bored!)

1. I’m Shai Habon (sometimes, Shy Habon), born on June 10, 1990, from Marikina City, Philippines. I’m a certified Marikeña and I love everything about the city. My best childhood memories will always be full of short park trips and simple Jollibee outings.

2. I am an Ateneo Tulong Dunong scholar and I will always be a proud TD KID. Click the button on the right portion of this page to check how you can help and sponsor scholars.

3. I’ve been to a lot of schools (because I’m a sucker for homeworks, hihi). I studied high school in St. Scho Marikina. I graduated Cum Laude, with a Bachelors Degree in Communication (Miriam College). I also took up Marketing Management at De La Salle College of St Benilde. Recently, I just finished my SoFA fashion styling course. I am also currently taking up my Masters Degree in Communication at the Ateneo De Manila University.

4. I am a #ladyboss for 7 years. I own an online store which I call Shy Shop (I literally can’t think of any better name, haha!) and last 2015, I’ve started collaborating with other online brands by forming concept stores/showrooms. At present, Shy Shop is part of 11 physical retail stores all around the metro.

5. I am a super-chatty girl and I love lengthy, sometimes deep, conversations with random people. I’ve been invited to several speaking events and I enjoyed all of them (a lot!)

6. I’ve been writing poems and other literary works since grade school and Linggo ng Wika has been my favorite school season because I get to write a lot about our language.

7. I love basketball, wrestling, UFC, boxing, cool cars and limited edition sneakers that sometimes, people think I’m a boy. Oh boy!

8. My fashion style is anything that’s girly yet simple. I have a huge thing for culottes and baby dresses (Hi Karly Kloss!) and pastel + black will always be my favourite color tones.

9. I am a fitness addict. I’ve tried boxing, swimming, cycling and other types of sports and I always love working out.

10. I am a Timezone pro and collecting tickets and prizes is my bizarre. Timezone should give me a trophy for this, haha!

11. I don’t watch TV a lot but my favorite shows are Masterchef (all seasons, all countries), WWE, NBA, PBA, America’s Next Top Model and anything that’s food related.

12. I’ve always wanted to have a blog but my schedule is always packed. I find it hard to squeeze in blogging especially during school. I used to micro-blog through my Instagram page but yeah, I decided to finally bring this passion to life so COME, WANDER WITH ME.

Mantra: YOLO!