I’m not just a Blogger, I’m a Storyteller

“I have one life and one chance to make it count for something… My faith demands that I do whatever I can, wherever I am, whenever I can, for as long as I can with whatever I have to try to make a difference.” – Jimmy Carter

  A month ago, I remember telling my friends that I want my blog to be different. My goal is to write stories that matter – stories that people can relate with, articles that others would enjoy and things that a lot can feel happy about. It’s easy to just put up a site, buy a domain and write about random things but for me, the real challenge is – creating an impact.

After my blog launch, stories just came gushing out of me. I became so busy attending events and receiving gift packs and sample items from brands and companies has really been overwhelming. My blog log became pretty busy with collaboration invites and sponsored requests. My family, friends and social media followers have also been very active in sharing and commenting on my blog posts. Of course, I can’t be more than happy with all these kinds of support.

However, a week ago, I started feeling drained and laxed. I know it’s quite early (and too unlikely for me) to experience such kind of depreciation. With all the activities around, content creation should just be a breeze. It came to a point when I had to ask myself “Why am I running out of ideas?” And then I realized that I’ve been out of my league for quite some time and that’s the reason why I feel lost. I’ve been too busy looking for tales and information outside my realm and I failed to recognize the storyteller in me. I know that I have lots of stories to tell – accounts that don’t just narrate my personal experiences, but most importantly, stories that talk about significant people, places and ideas.

This is when I started searching for ways to make my blogger life more interesting and today I’ve finally come up with an answer.



Let me introduce to you these two new categories (in this blog) – “People” and “Advocacies”. No, this is not a showbiz segment where people are interviewed because they are (just) stars and no, this isn’t paid. My goal is to feature individuals and groups who have been instrumental in different ways, whether it’s in the field of sports, education, business, beauty, fashion, social media or even those who have changed the lives of others in their own little ways.

Same things apply with advocacies. I want to spread news about certain campaigns and missions that I feel strong about. There are voices that need to be heard and my ultimate goal for this blog is to be an instrument for change. I know it may sound too ambitious and preachy but I always believe in the power of words.

WE have our own stories to tell and let me share mine by opening up this new chapter in my life, this time as a blogger and as an advocate. I’m treating it as a big leap because it’ll be a challenge for me. I know it will take a lot of time and courage to learn more and write about these things but I am definitely up for it.

So be ready to see more posts about people, NGOs, volunteer opportunities and groups because I’m putting them all on spotlight and I know that their kwentos are worth the read.

To my fellow bloggers, remember that blogging is a great career tool for creating opportunities for ourselves and the GOAL is to be a better person through blogging.

Let me end this post by sharing this quote from Mother Teresa who has always been my life inspo –

“We ourselves feel that what we are doing is just a drop in the ocean. But the ocean would be less because of that missing drop.”

PS: Feel free to suggest names of people, groups and organisations and I’ll be happy to connect with them!

PS2: Don’t worry I will still do lots of reviews, event PRs and life tips. After all, I am still a lifestyle blogger and this space will always be about the things that I love.



***Photos are from Unicef

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  1. I read this post very carefully and i felt really happy that there are bloggers, like you, that are not superficial, frivolous and unaware of the reality.
    Keep the great work. 😉

  2. Hi Shai!
    Can you include Kabisera Resto Bar in 7th St Bonifacio High, BGC, in your blog write up? Kabisera has story to tell. I will introduce to you Chef Tim who is incharge on this . Thanks

  3. I’m glad there’s a blogger like you who features inspirational stories about normal people and not the typical showbiz stories. Yup, sometimes it’s just so boring to read articles about showbiz news- the same story over and over again. Good thing your blog has refreshing articles about people and advocacies. It is very inspiring to read stories about normal people in their nornal life and how they face the struggles of life. ?

  4. Shaira,

    I applaud you for adding two new categories that makes sense. Yes, the commercial side of blogging is a part of you and what you do as an influencer of brands. But what can you do for those who are ignored? I promise you this is the most fulfilling thing you can do on your blog. As an influencer, the responsibility includes influencing not the customers to buy products, but also for the brands to take a look at giving back to the community. It includes influencing people who follow you to have a more meaningful life by helping others.

  5. Writing is indeed a passion. But the content of the stories of each writer differs. There are stories more about lifestyle and the arts because these two are the writer’s love. There are stories that support and flight fora cause. I find this post as categoriZed as such. Thank you for the share.

  6. I’m starting to have that habit of calling everyone Bes…Anyway, Bes! I totes agree with you so much. It’s really easy to put up a blog and write things about things, but truly it is a challenge to make an impact. Gosh! this post of yours defines who you are and what you really want to be and the passion you have is just flowing through every word in this post:) just a-ma-zing!

  7. Been blogging for 10years. And while my blog is kinda gaining readers and having spopnsored posts, there came a time when I got kinda scared that I’ll be too “commercial” so I always check my self from time to time. I agree, we are not just bloggers, we should be story tellers. I miss blogging world 10years ago that’s full of personal stories.

  8. As bloggers we have a big influence on people and are able to reach a wide range of people. You’re very inspirational! I just wish “bigger” bloggers would use their voices more to help and give back!


    Tamara – LoveofMode.com

  9. These line really hit me , ” My goal is to write stories that matter – stories that people can relate with, articles that others would enjoy and things that a lot can feel happy about.” as a blogger myself too. It really matters what we love to do and being appreciated for what we have do and what will be doing.

    This is a first step mate, I hope to see more stuff like this soon.

    cheers! http://www.masterryo.com

  10. This is wonderful. 🙂 I’m sure that you will be able to help a lot of people through these new categories in your blog. I am also confident that as you interview these people and the leaders of organizations, you will learn a lot and grow because of what you will learn. Like you, I consider myself a storyteller. 🙂

  11. I believe in passionate blogging for a cause, and you can only do that by storytelling. I try to do the same with my blog. I believe in the power of words and that they can change minds.

  12. Hi Shaira! I love your current mission. I’m also passionate about volunteering and helping out NGOs. Primarily, that’s the reason why I’m taking further studies. It’s the arena I wanna help out. I hope to do the same as you are! Let me know how I can help 🙂

  13. I remember a blogger friend telling me something along the lines of “I love that you are still passionate about this (blogging) and not in it just to earn.”

    When I first saw your blog post title, I was reminded of my IG/Twitter bio. I never used the word blogger. Instead I was using “storyteller”. And lately I haven’t been in touch with that part of me. While the perks and the attention are very much welcome, at the end of the day you gotta remind yourself why you’re doing this in the first place. For me it is a medium for expression and a platform for inspiration/motivation.

    I’m happy that you’re making a step back into your core. Keep it up! 🙂

  14. Wow! I loved this post! So beautifully written. When i first started blogging it was really just a place for me to write about random things now i too and trying to make an impact. Can’t wait to read more from your advocacies category!

  15. I commend you for including people and advocacies are part of your category as you know well that your influence can be a positive change to the society. Love also what you said. Indeed, we should aim to become better people through blogging. Passion for a cause 🙂

  16. Shaira! You are such an inspiration! I’m so glad to discover bloggers like you who not only showcase whats beautiful but also those who needs more attention. Your advocacy is beautiful and someone like you will be blessed with so much love and appreciation. More power! ❤️

  17. Those are great categories and I am sure that you will be able to tell touching stories here! I would love to read on those stories.

    Oh and btw, that is why you looked familiar! 😀 I saw you in the Dearberry PH Launch hehe. Nice blog! 😀

  18. Shai, I have to say you’re doing such a good job with blogging!! From your writing, to branding and marketing yourself and your blog, and not to mention, the projects you decided to do and work on. 🙂 I so relieved to see new bloggers who are as passionate and as real as you. Always checking out your stuff!! Got you, fam!! 🙂

  19. story telling do sell… it is more effective than just writing information like a robot or like an advertisement… people love stories.. and great bloggers are great storytellers.. by the way, I love how your story telling goes.. I’ve learned a lot!

  20. Awww Ms Shai ? After reading this post, i must say that you are not just any typical blogger. You are an angel. Mas tumaas tingin ko sayo Ms Shai. Im so happy about this new chapter. I also love doing volunteer works, i personally was one of the member of our school’s volunteer team who does charitable works like going to orphanage to give gifts and entertain those kids, activities like that. Kaya after reading, super naexcite ako sa mga magiging post mo about this. Im sure madaming readers ang matutuwa din about this and magiging eye opener to to everyone. You Really have beauty, brain and heart! God bless you Miss Shaiii! ?

  21. This is so touching, I appreciate your advocacies a lot. This is why I have been stressing out on my blog lately, cause I feel like it has no purpose at all. But I’m trying to break that barrier, this post has inspired me in every way. I applaud you for your passion or might I say compassion.

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  23. People blog for many things. I do understand what you feel. I am new in blogging and the reasons that I put up a blog is: First, I just want an outlet for those things that I feel. Secondly, I wanted to immortalize all the wonderful experiencesI had in my journey. I want to contribute to positivity and somehow, I hope that I can give an inspiration to my readers as well.

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