Random Ramblings: What has happened to humanity?

I’ve been in a constant battle lately and I seriously can’t think of anything to write. I have a long list of blog backlogs to do. YES – too many stories to feature so I decided to take a rest from attending events and other social activities while I focus on the things that are currently on the table. But I can’t find the energy to craft a single sentence or even make a few thoughts coherent. Apparently, depression is hitting me hard.

The past few days I’ve been feeling so down not because of some petty relationship goals problems or OOTD concerns. It’s just that every day, as I watch the news and hear stories of people, I feel helpless. Dark images surround me.

Death – it’s a recurring scene and at times, I tend to lose my sanity. It sounds scary, yeah? IT DOES.

I hear them. The voices of people being harassed, killed and massacred. As I write this post, rivers of tears gush from my eyes. These moments, I feel like adulting is an understatement. Certain circumstances are pressing me.

Stories haunt me. That video of Bruno, the Baguio show dog being beaten by his owner. The gruesome clip of a young student being robbed and stabbed to death. The story of the rallyists being rammed by a police van and that poor jeepney driver, almost crushed into pieces. There are a lot more stories around. And every time I see a family lose one of its pillars or a kid lose his father just because of some hasty allegations, my soul dies.

Enough. No one deserves this kind of atrociousness. No one.

And us? We don’t do anything. We rant about traffic, we cry over the recent Angelina-Brad breakup, we frantically share the features of the new iPhone7, we feast over Mocha Uson’s blog and we have lots of time to share and like posts that don’t really mean a thing. But what do we do to save the world from withering?

I’m one guilty a*s and I’m not gonna deny it. 

I’m so sick of this narcissistic, self-obsessed look-at-me-because-I’m-special society we’ve become. Where is the empathy?

Have we become so naive that we treat deaths and brutal killings of other people normal?  

What has happened to humanity?

I feel like I’m losing faith and I’ve been questioning myself for quite sometime now, how can I change the path of the world?

I feel like I’m in a middle of a dessert, crippled, slowly dying of thirst.

No amount of sweets can make me feel better but I know that a lot of prayers will do.

I’ll be back on track. Maybe in a few.



  1. Shanelle Anne

    1st Nov 2016 - 8:56 am

    People on social media are far away from those horrifying events that they even glorify such. The Filipinos don’t want to think about it anymore. They believe that the end justify the means. What they cannot see and understand is that they are not even sure of what the end is, what the goals are. They just think that we’ll become a better country by killing those people who they think are wrong. What they don’t know is that the change comes from all of us.

    I am not in any government position to effect an immediate or drastic change, but I try, with my own little ways, to effect change. I tell my thoughts and opinions to people. I talk to them, and try to understand their side, and give my side as well. I, at the very least, follow every single traffic rule – because I can be one less person who cannot follow the traffic rules.

    We can make this country better with our own simple ways. Let us not lose hope. ❤


    1st Nov 2016 - 3:36 pm

    Here is what I have learned. It is fun to be with people who are doing the same thing. I would love to sit down and blog with other writers. Sure, it is a great way to socialize, but doing the same thing together is much more fun. Plus, it lessens negativities.

  3. Andrea Moore

    1st Nov 2016 - 8:29 pm

    We all have days when we feel the hopelessness of the world around us. However, this is the time to look at our lives and be thankful for what we do have. Family, friends, pastimes, etc. That said, I do feel that you have a right to vent your frustrations and it is valuable to write from the heart with honesty and wisdom. This can be a cathartic process and I admire your honesty.

  4. Nina Sogue

    4th Nov 2016 - 1:42 am

    I have these moments as well. It is really hard, especially when there are too many things going on inside and outside your life. It’s what made me temporarily stopped blogging because I felt so little – just a speck in the universe. But I’ve attended an empowerment talk some time after that, and the speaker told me:

    “If you stop writing, you rob others from finding out why you were created. You are robbing them from discovering your purpose.”

    And with that, I got inspired to share my stories again. I know the world can be hard, but instead of just letting it consume me, I’ve decided to contribute to positivity. I can’t change the world, but I’m pretty sure I can touch at least one life. 🙂

    Nina Sogue | http://www.ninasogue.com

  5. Sonnie

    6th Nov 2016 - 2:49 pm

    You said it well, society seems to lack empathy.

    For whatever reason, society developed apathy and they don’t care unless tragedy strikes (closer to) home.

    One thing we chose to do, to keep apathy at bay- treat a kid or adult homeless a full meal when opportunity presents itself.

    I believe the worse thing a human being can do is when they do nothing to keep the dignity of another man. By doing nothing to prevent them from eating garbage like dogs, they will think less of themselves and act like animals.

    Some dogs are even better-off, because they eat two full meals and have shelter

  6. klaudia

    8th Nov 2016 - 1:22 am

    What a topic ! I am wondering every single day what has happened to humanity.I am often ashamed to be a “human being” myself. This is likely the price we are paying for the “good life style” we are living. Look at poor countries think back when our grandparents had nothing , but people had a heart and empathy for others , People used to help each other. That will never come back , I am afraid. We can all just do aour little bit and try to be a better human ourselves.

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