My Best BeautyMNL Skin Care Finds

I’ve mentioned before how much I love BeautyMNL because it is ‘convenience, affordability and all- things-beauty’ packed into one. I also remembered sharing with you my obsession with makeups, basically the reason why I chose to purchase makeup tools (like brushes and mirror) on the site.

Recently though, I’ve realised that my skin needs a breather — a short break from all the makeup, parabens and all the other chemicals around. While I still wear makeup (occasionally), I decided to give more focus and time in taking care of my skin. I drink lots of water, I try to get enough sleep plus I’ve decided to invest on beauty products that really work. As they say it, the best cosmetic is a great looking skin.


So yes, I went back to BeautyMNL and decided to check out some of their skin care items. Again, shopping is easy breezy, but choosing is quite hard especially when you’re working on a budget and you’re faced with so many great stuff. Ang hirap girls, I swear!


What’s best about BeautyMNL is that the products are easy to locate and there are tons of affordable goods to choose from. There are sections for skin care, hair care, organic products, nails and other stuff. From well known brands to local brands, the selection is wide and reviews are there to assist. Whatever your skin concern is, I’m sure BeautyMNL has something to offer.


I decided to fill my basket with masks. You know the Kore-korean mask craze that easily hooked us all up? Yup, I got hooked too! I got some Vitamin C mask sheets, Green Tea mask sheets and Snail Essence mask sheet. I also got two Holika Holika sheets – Before Interview mask and After Gym mask.


There are actually other masks in the roster but I’ve decided to purchase a few first as I try which one really suits me best. As far as I know, face masks are doused with serum, have gel-like consistency and can be applied easily and results are quite fast.


I normally refrigerate my mask first before using it because the cold temperature creates that soothing and relaxing sensation, a great feeling after a whole day of work.


Aside from the masks, I also purchased some locally-made skin care products. I got a Witch Hazel Clarifying Facial Scrub and a Clarifying Witch Hazel Facial Mist, both from Beauty Bakery.

I immediately tried the scrub (I used it together with my ZO Oilacleanse Facial wash) and the result was instant. My facial skin felt soft and supple plus I like the fact that this scrub smells good too. It doesn’t feel like you’re putting something rough or grainy.

I also love the mist because again, it smells good and it instantly freshens up the skin. I just don’t like that it is packed in a glass bottle making it quite heavy.

Over all, I am very happy with my BeautyMNL skin care finds. The products are affordable, the delivery is fast (as in super fast) and they have lots of promos and discounts!

So that’s the preview of my BeautyMNL skin care haul! I promise to give you a more detailed review once I’ve tried all the products! For now, I gotta put my mask on!



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