Smart Design, Smart Features: A Review of the Tichome Mini Speaker

You all know that I am not the techie type. I don’t have the latest gadgets and doing set-ups and reading manuals sound like a tedious work for the super-impatient-I-can’t-follow-simple-directions-me. So if there’s any apparatus-device-appliance that I’d like to have, I always make sure that one, it’s easy to use and two, it is multifunctional.

A few weeks ago, I got this Tichome Mini Smart Speaker in the mail and I was like, ‘woah, this looks like a little smart-ass speaker’ ideal for my music nights. I immediately unbox it and got surprised that everything, from set-up to actual use, was easy-peasy. No need to check out Youtube tutorials or go through some series of device programming. Really, it’s a powerful device but not as complex as its name sounds like.

Tichome Mini

Just a simple backgrounder, TicHome Mini was designed by Mobvoi, the first Chinese company licensed to produce a Google Assistant-powered smart speaker. The device was officially launched August of last year and is now making hits all around the globe (Android Guys, 2017). 

So how do I like my new Tichome speaker? Let me give you 5 reasons why this new gadget is perf for me.

1. SLEEK DESIGN. Aside from being portable, I also like the fact that the Tichome Mini speaker is designed well. Nice, dainty colors (I got the white but I also saw the black, teal and the pink minis). It looks very classy, especially in flatlays and I also love its sturdy strap which lets you hang the device anywhere.

Tichome Mini

2. SUPERB AUDIO QUALITY. A little trivia: I always bring my phone in the bathroom because I’d like to listen to my Spotify playlist – while I enjoy the shower, yes. Cue music: Hayaan Mo Sila. Lol.

Seriously, I’m amazed that this tiny-winnie device can actually lit up the whole room with some rockin’ music. It may look small but believe me, sound is great and audio quality is laudible

3. IT’S SPLASHPROOF. So now you know I do little crazy dances in the bathroom and this is why the splashproof Tichome Mini is best for me. I don’t have to worry about getting my speaker wet or losing it completely because it’s just shower-friendly *wink wink*.

4. BUILT-IN BATTERY PLUS LONG POWER LIFE. Tichome comes with a built-in 2,600 mAh battery that can last for up to 6 hours and makes it more portable than all the other speakers in the market. Happy that I can use it anywhere – in my room, cellar, office etc. without worrying about losing all its power. Also, charging this device is fairly easy, just simply plug it and poof, you can already check from the indicator if it’s juicing up.

5. DEFINITELY A RELIABLE ASSISTANT. Being a multi-tasker, I love that Tichome can actually help me organise my day. Using this device, I can schedule appointments, make calls and even google some stuff. By just saying the magic word “OK GOOGLE”, I can direct and make all sorts of commands without the fuzz.

Tichome Mini

Another trivia: I asked one tricky question – “What is love?” and look how smart this device is! 

Overall, I guess this is a perfect gadget since it’s both easy to use and multifunctional. I know all the other music-lover-multihyphenates will also find it useful because yeah, smart design and smart features – what more can you ask for?

Get your very own Tichome Mini Speaker here and get a Php 1000 discount (SRP: Php6,990) when you use my code: SHAIRA1000.


**some photos are from Google

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